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Hard Facing Materials

BestQualityinChina,800-1000tonsannualcapacityTotally.MorethanhalfexporttoUSandEuropeanmarket.  Mainlyusedforprotectionandreparationofpetrochemicalsequipment,powergenrationequipment,aviation&aerospace,
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Hard Facing Materials

  Best Quality in China, 800-1000 tons annual capacity Totally. More than half export to US and European market.

  Mainly used for protection and reparation of petrochemicals equipment, power genration equipment, aviation & aerospace, metallurgical equipment, mining machinery, and agricultural machinery, and also used as substrate materials, hard-facing materials and thermal spray materials in oil exploration and drilling tools manufactured. To enhance the surface wear resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion & impact resistance or comprehensive performance improvement, then improve the using performance and life of the workpieces.


Cast Tungsten Carbide powder(FTC).

Key points:

Fe content: 0.25% Max.;

Fine feather structure: 80% Min., ( normal level 85% )

Microhardness: HV 2500 Min.

Size: 30-40, 40-60, …… -325mesh; ( as you required )


Spherical Cast Tungsten Carbide powder(SFTC).

Key points:

Spheroidization rate: 90% Min ( normal 95% );

Fe content: 0.25% Max.; can be 0.1% max;

Fine feather structure: 100% ;

Microhardness; HV 2700 Min.

Size: 60-635mesh, popular is 100(80)-325mesh;

Cleaning: 2-3 times in the ultrasonic cleaning equipment



Macro Tungsten Carbide powder.

Key points:

Porosity: Very nice;

Microhardness; HV 1600-1900;

Size: 40-60,60-80, 80-200,-325mesh; ( as you required )



Spray powder (HOVF)

Mainly used for HVOF spray and PTA etc. .

Includs: WC-CO, WC/Cr/Co, WC/Cr/Co/Ni, WC/Ni, Cr3C2/20NiCr



PDC Matrix powder

Mainly used for PDC bits and other infiltration components.

Includs: Cast WC+alloy powder,Cast WC+Macro WC+alloy powder; Macro WC+alloy powder; Another + alloy powder,Alloy powder normally is Cu/Ni/Zn/Sn/Mn or customized


Sizes: -70mesh, -100mesh, -140mesh or customized.


PTA Welding powder

Mainly used for surface protection of wear locations of heavy equipment. Such as mining, oil drilling & exploring and debris transportation equipments.

Grades: Cast WC+Ni based alloy powder, Macro WC+Ni based alloy powder;

Sizes: -100+230mesh, -140+325mesh, or customized.


We are able to adjust the ingredient, particle size and powder blending ratio, etc, as per the specific need of customers equipment in order to obtain the best wear resistance.

Hard Facing Materials
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